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About Spitfire Financial Group

The name “Spitfire” represents a history of accomplishments and victories!

Our Process

Arguably one of the most famous airplanes of the Second World War was the Supermarine Spitfire, also known by its nickname the Spitfire.  It was flown by British pilots of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and was the only aircraft that could really rival the German fighters of the time, especially around the Battle of Britain.  The aluminum-skin structure and Merlin engine gave it exceptional performance.  The first prototype took flight in 1936 and most of the production occurred between 1939 and 1945.

These years of World War II were also the beginnings of an era of New Technology, Economic Expansion, ad Decolonization.

Our History

In March of 1937, Brian’s grandfather, George O. Lethert, commissioned Paul Larson of Larson Boat Works in Little Falls, Minnesota to build a wooden Class C Hydroplane Racing Boat. At the time he was a young and hard-working 24 year old IRS Agent.   When the boat was finished and delivered a few months later it was branded with a racing number G-17 and named “Spitfire”.

Our Values

We work hard every day to carry on the legacy of the name by building life-long relationships through hard work, determination, and a strong focus on the behalf of our clients and their financial aspirations.

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